Sometimes a moment comes in life that it seems we were born for.  A moment where everything we’ve learned suddenly becomes useful, where everything we know seems to be proven right or wrong.

It’s moments like these, that make life worth living.  The moments where everything comes together or everything falls apart.  The moments that matter when you look back on your life, that’s all anyone needs in the end.

Love is a feeling that can be caught in a moment.

A moment so perfect, for it you must have been meant.

When you’re caught in it, you know what to do.

After all this, love was meant for you.

When you’re caught in that moment, the world turns slow.

Giving you all the time you need, to make sure you know.

Time to think about her beauty, and take it all in.

All the moment you need in the earth’s slow spin.

Caught in this moment, you drop to one knee.

Taking the moment to make sure she’ll see.

The moment for her to turn and say ‘Yes.’

When you realize that with you, she wants nothing less.

No matter where you go no matter what you do.

She’d take it all to be caught in a moment with you.