Love is finding that perfect person that blows you away no matter how they look or what they’re doing.

All it takes is a moment to see it, but it doesn’t stop there.  It’s finding that moment repeating every day just waking up and watching her still sleeping next to you, or finding yourself taking her in while she’s dancing around like a fool in her comfiest clothes, acting like a beautiful mess.

Your hair tucked under my old ball cap.

Dancing down the street like you couldn’t give a crap.

Wearing sweats and some old plaid shirt.

Looking like you were just playing in a pile of dirt.

No makeup on and no fancy clothes.

Still no hesitation to flash some supermodel pose.

Strutting around with this “whatever” attitude.

A vision of beauty some would call skewed.

A beauty you are, none-the-less.

Even when you are a total mess.

You just have it no matter what you do.

A one of a kind, through and through.

Stealing my heart when everyone else sees your worst.

That’s why I will always put you first.