It’s an exciting ride.  Love takes over and runs amuck with your life. Changing everything you do.  Making things difficult that were once easy.  Love changes everything.

Really its a great disaster, your world flips in a heartbeat and suddenly you’re starting again, learning how to be again.  It’s great to watch from the sidelines, but it’s even better to be right in the middle of it.

Making a stuttering fool of a man.

Laying ruin to the best laid plan.

Everything comes apart at the seams.

You’re just a deer stunned by headlight beams.

Bumbling around your day a complete mess.

Keeping yourself together, less and less.

Each day a new adventurous thrill.

Every time you see her you can’t be still.

Jittery and anxious, you fight through each day.

To get through this, all you can do is pray.

Every moment without her your thoughts run wild.

With her though, you’re little more than a silly child.

Every day life becomes a great adventure.

Pulling you in to loves great disaster.