Finding so much in a simple sight is inspiring.  A view of a pristine natural scene, a city skyline, the joy found in a child at play, or laying eyes upon the person you fall for the very first time.

The inspiration found in these simple pieces of life are what drives creativity on.  That moment you see her is the perfect moment to drive you forward through life and inspire creativity every day.

The way she glows under any light.

How she brightens the darkest night.

Rising to face the morning so perfect.

A beauty that nothing could ever reflect.

Hiking through the hills with a graceful stride.

Focusing my gaze from a panorama so wide.

Casting a shadow of a lovely silhouette.

A shade of perfection that will never be met.

Lounging on the beach in the afternoon sun.

People everywhere, but I see only one.

Turning the sunlight into a seamless tan.

An image of a woman that could subdue any man.

Glancing at her can kindle the fire.

A woman like her is a view to inspire.