Finding that perfect someone makes the world a different place.  Your life changes, your mood changes, and you just feel better every day.

It’s not like that every moment I’m sure, but the feeling is continual and can get you through the worst of life’s problems.  Having that is what matters down the road, whether she’s  perfect or not having her is.

She may be perfect, but that doesn’t mean a thing.

It’s that with her every piece of me just wants to sing.

Because in my heart I know it’s real.

No one else has ever caused this sensation I feel.

She may be perfect, but she couldn’t care.

All she wants is the life that we share.

Because she knows how I feel for her in my heart.

No one else has given her that right from the start.

She may be perfect, but its never mattered.

It’s knowing without her my life would be shattered.

Because all that she is, makes me all that I am.

No one else fits in my life’s diagram.

She may be perfect, because she’s all my world.

No one else but hers, in which I’d have my fingers curled.