Last place, is always looked at as a bad thing, but in love last place is the winner.  The last to come is the one that steals your heart.  The last you choose is the one you put first for the rest of your life.  They win and so do you simply by finding each other last.

So if the race is on, the goal is to finish last.  That’s why they always say “Nice guys finish last.”

You are last, there’s no other to come.

All others before you are long done.

There won’t be another to follow you.

Who came before, is definitely through.

Those who were first, just cleared the way.

They marked the path that led to today.

Stops along life’s road that led to this moment.

Showing what was needed to find the true intent.

If there are more faces that still lie ahead.

They’ll just be there to make me think of you instead.

Reminders of what I have here and now.

There’s no question you’re it, this I vow.

You are last.  There will never be another.

You’ll always come first.  There will be no other