Often we live our lives inside a set of rules.  There’s the rules of the law of course, but we all have our own sets of morals, values and rules that we create for ourselves and live within.

What happens when we’re willing to break those rules for someone?  What if you find someone who’s worth living outside the limits you’ve put on yourself.  That’s love my friends.  I will change your outlook on how you are living, and make you willing to break free of the shackles you’ve created for yourself.

There are no boundaries, but I know what I want.

It’s something that cannot be captured in any font.

Love is more than can be described.

Through the ages it’s rarely been transcribed.

The feeling will surely leave me drawing a blank.

A mind cannot describe emotion when a heart has sank.

Emotion like that will leave these pages clear.

As down a new path I happily steer.

Without restriction, I’ll love her completely.

Every moment with her, pushing life forward so sweetly.

With no true limit, I’ll give her all I can.

It’s all worth the cost to be her man.

For her there are no boundaries, I’d cross every one.

No restrictions can hold me if she’s the one.