It’s strange sometimes knowing that in all that is offered up in life love hasn’t been found, but it’s still out there.  I’m not a doubter, these days at least, that I’ll find love in my future.

Like anyone I’ve had my moments of doubt, and given into the temptation to just settle with someone.  The reality in that situation was I knew all along it wasn’t right and just kept trying to make it work.  Now I’ve come to the realization that it’s not fair to anyone to settle, you must wait for love.  That love that you haven’t found could be just around the corner, and is always worth the wait.

This girl I’ve never met, if I just knew her name.

But even with a name, this would still be the same.

It’s her beauty and confidence I fear so much.

What would happen at the prospect of her touch?

This girl I’ve never met, is everything I desire.

Just the mere sight of her, enough to inspire.

It’s this glowing smile that crosses her face.

Melting me to a puddle, that evaporates with no trace.

This girl I’ve never met, causes such happiness.

Before my eyes met hers there was just emptiness.

It’s that twinkle in her eyes, a little shining star.

My wish just to hold her does not seem so far.

This girl I’ve never met, I now must know.

Everything I see in her screams it must be so.