What is the image you have of the person you want to spend your life with?  We all have it, that ideal image of what we seek sitting in the back of our minds.  That perfect ideal that we would chase to the end of the earth.

I know I definitely have some ideas for what I’m looking for, and as I get a little older every day, that image gets more specific and clearer.  At this rate I’ll know exactly what she looks and acts like in a few more months. Haha

I imagine her to be brilliant and kind.

A woman with an intriguing mind.

With the heart of an angel, and a bit of a wild side.

Someone who warms my soul and takes me on a crazy ride.

I imagine her to be independent and strong.

A woman who knows right from wrong.

She’ll have a passion for life and know how to live it.

Somebody who enjoys a little intrigue and shows her wit.

I imagine her to be beautiful and bold.

A woman who wants me with her when we grow old.

She can do it herself, but would rather be together.

Someone who wants nothing less than forever.

I imagine her to be my love for all time.

The one that makes living this life sublime.