When you find love you’ll know, but what do you do then?  Like any good thing you have to take time for it to grow and develop, but when you know you know and it’s worth it to take a chance on forever.

In this moment, and in many before.

Even though I’m with you, I desire much more.

Just seeing you and holding you is never enough.

I need to be with you for life, I need that deep love stuff.

In this moment, I ask for your hand.

Give us the chance for this life to expand.

Two is better than one, if we join as a team.

Together we’ll be unstoppable, we’ll move ahead full steam.

In this moment, we take a step forward.

It’s the real thing we’re moving toward.

Love this is strong and can carry us through.

That’s what I see between me and you.

In this moment, I know it’s forever.

The two of us can do that together.