Something perfectly beautiful is rare to find, but when you do find it you’re captivated by it.  It draws you in, holding your attention.  It’s hard to look away simply because what you are seeing is so beautiful you don’t want to miss a moment of its existence.

That is a feeling as close to love as I’ve ever truly experienced, being captivated by something so beautiful I didn’t want to look away.  I imagine to find that in someone someday.  That feeling that I don’t want to miss a moment of their existence.

Her touch so delicate, her beauty so fair.

Take a chance on her if you dare.

She’s everything you want, standing right there.

A beauty like hers, so incredibly rare.

Her voice so intoxicating, her hand bears no ring.

She’s a vision of the forthcoming spring.

Right in front of you, to you she seems to sing.

A woman like her, such a perfect thing.

Her eyes so enticing, her image so pure.

That she is heavenly, you can be sure.

For a woman like her, what could you endure?

An angel like her, an inspiring picture.

So rare to find someone so amazing as this.

To see her, to hold her, to love her, pure bliss.