Lately, I’ve written a lot about finding love and the things that I think should be there when it’s found.  What about after you find love though?  What happens then?

Then you hold on and enjoy the adventure.  Give her your all, show her you love her and how much you care, and do that every single day so you have no regrets.

Hold her close and don’t let go.

Like it’s the last time, because you never know.

Treat her like it’s your last day on earth.

Show her what your love is really worth.

Let her know what she means to you.

Show her no matter what you go through.

Give her your love every single day.

You know she deserves it in every way.

Kiss her with passion whenever you have the chance.

Treat every dance, like it’s your last dance.

Take every step forward right at her side.

Let her see that you’re in for the ride.

Always choose to give her your best.

Show her you cherish her above the rest.