Every time I stop and appreciate the simple things about autumn I’m brought back to one thought.

It starts with watching a single leaf fall from a maple tree, fluttering to the ground slowly, rolling in the breeze, seeming to pause momentarily along the way to take in the experience of the fall.  Slow, but unsteady, with no direct path to its resting place, it is just like falling in love.

There is no direct path, you just spiral down like a leaf, being pushed back by little obstacles just like the breeze, but in the end you’ve fallen, and the resting place is as perfect as you could ever ask for.

Fall, like the leaves in an autumn breeze.

Fall, like a snowflake in a winter freeze.

Fall for her as the seasons pass.

Let your heart fall, let love amass.

Fall, like the rain in a spring storm.

Fall, like a diving bird with perfect form.

Fall for her in every possible way.

Let your heart fall, love her every day.

Fall, like you know you can.

Fall, like you always will be her man.

Fall for her and no other.

Let your heart fall, let love smother.

Fall, just like you’ve always wanted to.

Fall for her hard, she’ll catch you.