Over time with certain people we start to feel trapped.  Whether it’s a bad relationship or a persistent acquaintance, that person can draw you further and further into their life, when all you want is to escape.

On the other hand though, sometimes we are drawn into a life that we just want to get further intertwined in.  The beginnings of love, when you don’t want to miss a moment. You get deeply intertwined in each others lives, and when it’s really good you start to realize you don’t want to escape from this.

There’s no escape, her pull is strong.

Nothing about her seems remotely wrong.

She draws me in from anywhere.

No matter when she calls, I am there.

There’s no escape, she draws me in.

Her hold on me, beneath my skin.

With every move, I’m under her thumb.

No matter when she calls, I will come.

There’s no escape, she has me here.

In every moment, I need her to be near.

She has my heart, my soul, my mind.

No matter where she is, her I will find.

I want no escape, she is it.

Her and I are a perfect fit.