Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and an ideal setting for many when it comes to starting something new.  The cooler air draws people in closer for warmth, and the approach of winter can change the way we think about relationships.  I think it’s a great time of year to fall in love.

Autumn cools as winter approaches.

I should be cold, but my heart encroaches.

Warming from the inside, as I continue onward.

Knowing inside what I’m striving toward.

The leaves around me float toward the ground.

This scene distracts, but forward I’m bound.

My heart seeks the source of this feeling.

The young woman who’s heart I plan on stealing.

Under my feet I hear the leaves crunch.

Their smell masked by the flowers I hold in a bunch.

My palms are sweating as I approach her door.

I knock, and hear her feet as she steps across the floor.

The handle turns and the world melts away.

One of us definitely fell in love today.