As the cold weather gets closer every day, I think more about all the things I will do to stay warm.  Curling up in bed wrapped in blankets, having a piping hot tea or hot cocoa after being outside, or putting a few extra logs on the fire to warm things up inside.

All of these things miss one thing, they are all external sources of warmth and this winter I want to feel warm from the inside.  That feeling of warmth that radiates out from your heart and soul, making you feel warm no matter how cold you are.

The winter draws continually near.

This year, it’s cold, I do not fear.

As long as I have you here.

No concern of the cold I will hear.

The snows inch closer every moment.

No energy for concern from me will be spent.

The only warmth I’ll need has already been sent.

No amount of snow will cause my spirit to dent.

The ice freezes harder all the time.

This building of ice is no great crime.

As long as there’s the comfort of your embrace, I’m fine.

No frozen tundra will push this out of line.

The warmth of your love always warms my world.

No worries of cold when next to you I’m curled.