We’ve all had that something in our life that we want to experience over and over.  The thing that we can’t wait to wake up for, just to see it again today before it’s gone.

That’s the little piece of our life that we’ll take as many last chances as we can to experience it again.  It’s how we should all treat love.  Every day is our last chance to experience it one more time, because tomorrow is unpredictable, so we might as well enjoy it while we can.

It’s like that last fall day with sunny weather.

Clinging to the warmth with a worn thin tether.

Hoping to make it last for another day or two.

That’s how I feel about every moment with you.

It’s the hope of an encore at the perfect concert.

An ending you always wish to avert.

Cheering to hear the opening chords of one more song.

No moment with you ever seems too long.

It’s just like the last chapter of your favourite book.

Finishing in a hurry, but going back for another look.

Reading it over and over, just to relive it again.

Like another moment with you, leaves me wanting you again.

I would take another last chance with you any day.

I’ll try anything to get it, I’ll try every way.