As the cold of late fall and winter edge into our lives, it becomes easier and easier to stay at home snuggled up on the couch just staying warm.  Having someone to cuddle up with on a cold day, weathering a winter storm indoors in each others arms is an ideal way to avoid the worst of the winter.

Who needs that excuse to just get wrapped up in each other though?  Any excuse to do it is good, but no excuse is really needed when you want to spend every minute you can with someone.

A fresh sheet of snow arriving out of the blue.

Another new reason to be holding tightly to you.

A brisk winter breeze, sharp and cold.

Wrapped up closely with you will never grow old.

A frosty morning to start a late December day.

Pulling you in as I see sunrises first ray.

An icicle forming slowly from an overhead eave.

Feeling the warmth of you tucked under my sleeve.

Waking early to the sight of frosted windows.

Fighting through the bite of mid-winter snows.

The piercing sting of an ice-cold breeze.

All making being wrapped up with you a thing of ease.

But I could never want it any other way.

I’ll take any excuse to be close to you today.