Love is supposed to be easy at first, something you fall into with limited control.  Things start to come naturally and really feel easy.

Then things get a little more difficult, you start getting into the deep stuff where you discover everything about one another.  What makes you both happy or sad, or gets under your skin.  That’s when love needs to be pure and simple. Where the things you love are just there because you have always known you would still love them about one another.

The things I love about you are pure and simple.

Like how your smile reveals that little dimple.

How you look so content while you sleep.

Or how you bite your lip when you think deep.

Pure like your thoughts when I crack a dirty joke.

The levels of joy you so easily evoke.

That annoyed look when I do something bad.

Or the love you show me when I’m feeling sad.

Simple like your ability to be beautiful for any event.

Your ability to bring me to my knees at any moment.

That grin you give me that just drives me wild.

Or the way I remember every moment you’ve smiled.

It’s pure and simple, I’m in love with you.

So pure and simple, the moment I saw you, I knew.