Normally I post what I write a few days behind and what I write has something to do with what I’m thinking about in my life.  This offering though is based on how I felt about something that happened a few days ago.  I’m not going to give everyone a bunch of pretext about how it happened or what exactly it was, I’ll just let you read into it and decide for yourself.

No better offer could come my way.

I never would have expected it any day.

I’ve waited at length for a chance like this.

There’s no way in hell I would ever miss.

An opportunity with someone I did not expect.

A chance like this, I have to respect.

I need to put my best foot forward.

I want every chance for this to move onward.

There’s only one way I want this to end.

That I am nervous, no need to pretend.

I’m a ball of excitement, ready to burst.

I cannot believe I didn’t ask her first.

There’s no better offer I’ll ever get.

Once I meet her, I’ll have no regret.