Everyone has this picture in their head of what they want in life, what they want in their career, and what they want in love.  To all of you I say this; How do you really know until you get there?

The fact is most of us don’t, when we get to that moment, when we get to that day, it all changes.  What we see on the day that our life changes is when we decide what we really want to fill those holes in our lives.

The day that I finally meet her.

That’s when I’ll really be sure.

Sure of all that I want in my life.

Sure of what I hoped for in a wife.

The day that she steals my heart.

That’s when I’ll know where to start.

Start living for the things that matter.

Start seeing the reality through the chatter.

The day that I find her in the crowd.

That’s when I’ll finally live life proud.

Proud to be the man at her side.

Proud to be with her for the ride.

The day that I see her and start to fall.

That’s when I’ll really have it all.