A lot can change in a few moments, let alone what can change in a few days.  One day you are content with everything in your life, things seem to be going well, and you think about what it would be like to add someone special to your life.

The next day you are ecstatic about everything, life seems to be getting better by the second, and you think about one person in every moment.  All it took was one moment where she took your breath away.

In a moment where everything changes for good.

At a time when you never thought it would.

With a chance you never thought you’d take.

To start a life you never thought you’d make.

That moment your world flipped over.

It seems you found your lucky clover.

Everything came together just long enough.

To put forth an effort with all your best stuff.

For a moment it was just your breath you lost.

You didn’t yet know what more it would cost.

Then you found you also lost your heart.

That my friend was still just the start.

A moment where you see her as this breathtaking.

Is the start of giving your all to the memories your making.