Have you ever met someone who leaves you so caught up in the thought of them that you lose sleep?

You spend your night in the dark, eyes wide open, daydreaming about how she looked that night.  How you wish you had kissed her then, but will gladly wait until you get your next chance because the anticipation of that kiss does to you what you never thought possible, making you patient, and willing to wait for her.

I lie awake thinking of her.

My thoughts so innocent and pure.

Thinking about her smile, and wishing for a kiss.

These thoughts have me tossing and turning like this.

I can’t help but stay awake.

Every thought, she does take.

Thinking about her laugh, and her mesmerizing eyes.

These thoughts of her, enough to hypnotize.

I could probably use a little sleep.

More thoughts of her do though creep.

Thinking about her so beautiful and sweet.

These thoughts have me back up on my feet.

She has me up all night, completely sleepless.

But these thoughts are such a beautiful mess.