Sometimes the smallest things can mean the most, holding her hand because you can, kissing her the moment you see her, or hearing her voice when you can’t see her.

I just want to hear your voice in my ear.

Even over the phone as long as it’s clear.

Hanging on every word as you speak to me.

Each word setting more love for you free.

I just want to hear your sigh on my shoulder.

Every day as we grow older and older.

Relaxing into me as I pull you close.

The cure to any problem, in the perfect dose.

I just want to hear your breath in the night.

There in the dark when we turn out the light.

A soft steady sound as I relax next to you.

Dream-filled sleep I’m lulled into.

I just want to hear you say the word.

Though it’s unspoken it’s already occurred.