Certain things can really draw you in, a beautiful image, an intriguing sound or a swirling whirlpool when you’re in over your head.

Sometimes it’s what your senses find that draw you in, sometimes it’s your head telling you to keep moving towards it, but the most dangerous is when your heart leads you on to what calls to you.  That is when you will chase it blind and continually get drawn in further and further.

Into the blue, I sail away.

This captivating colour has pulled me astray.

Lost in this brilliant blue expanse.

To steer away now I have no chance.

Into the blue, I plunge deeper and deeper.

The way back out seems steeper and steeper.

Drowning in this mystical blue place.

All I can think of is how my heart seems to race.

Into the blue, I sink further in.

The world around me just seems to spin.

Whirling in this mesmerizing blue pool.

Nowhere to go now, I’m a floating fool.

Into the blue, the hypnotizing colour of her eyes.

That I’m lost in them, I cannot disguise.