Life can change very quickly, sometimes quicker than you would ever expect.  Change is good though, and some changes are better than others.  When that change uplifts you or changes how you see everything for the better, it doesn’t matter how fast the world around you changes then.

This one has changed the game.

Now things just aren’t the same.

Thinking with my heart, not with my head.

No longer using reason, I use passion instead.

She’s stolen my heart and taken it for a ride.

Now I enjoy life with a new-found pride.

Skipping along to my hearts jubilant drum.

No longer oblivious, no longer emotionally numb.

My world, so quickly uplifted.

Now, in knowing her my life has shifted.

Moving towards this new-found goal.

No longer in pieces, I’m suddenly whole.

A quick change she caused in a heartbeat.

All I could want is for these moments to repeat.