In that moment where you start to inch closer to someone for the first time, testing your limits and boundaries.  You start to find yourself wanting a little bit more.

It starts with a few glances, the ‘accidental’ brush of a hand, then standing close enough to be within each others bubble.  From there it progresses to a discreet touch of the lower back, holding her hand for a moment across a table, and staring deeply into each others eyes.  Then things heat up.  You pull her close, you touch her face, you lean in for that first kiss.  Just the thought of it is exciting.

This moment’s too right, your eyes are too blue.

I’ve already spent all night just thinking about you.

Admiring you isn’t enough, I crave your touch.

I want to hold you within my clutch.

Though mere feet away, I need to be closer still.

I start to pray, you too feel this thrill.

Touching your hand is a start, but I seek more.

I want to show you it’s you I adore.

These inches are closing, now I need your kiss.

I’m not just posing, I’m ready to feel this.

Feeling you close, I know we are there.

I want this kiss, into your eyes I stare.

The moment is right, I’ve waited for you.

We have it now, you know it too.