Moments in your life happen that change your ideas of everything around you.  Change the way you see things, change the way you think, and even change the way you act.

It caused me to do something this week I’ve never done before, really I had never even considered doing something like this before, let alone having the confidence in the idea to see it through.  Makes me wonder if there’s some real value in this ‘love at first sight’ concept.

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, you’re a fool.

She has me wrapped around her finger, like string on a spool.

From the moment I saw her I fell into this trap.

Suddenly living for her, under this old ball cap.

I got caught in the gaze of her sparkling blue eyes.

As I fell apart, my world came together to my surprise.

The radiance of her smile pulled me into her heart.

In the presence of her beauty I fell apart.

No desire to take my eyes off of her.

The whole world around me then, was a complete blur.

My focus revolved around her and no other.

Capturing her picture in my mind, then another and another.

In that very moment I absolutely knew.

The idea of love at first sight is absolutely true.