It’s a strange thing knowing in a moment that your life is about to change for the better.  So strange that it’s hard to believe that it actually will.  All you can do is let the change happen and see where things go really, but in that moment when you realize that you know what’s happening, you know that your life is changed forever.

From the beginning, I knew who you were.

Right away, you caused something in me to stir.

There was never a doubt, in a moment I knew.

The rest of my life I’d spend with you.

You stirred up new life from somewhere inside.

Who I am now was born, what I was died.

In that moment life started anew.

From the very moment I met you.

It happened so fast, I don’t know what it was.

Maybe I knew it just because.

Your eyes pulled me in, your smile blew me away.

Life forever changed for me that day.

I could see what was ahead from the beginning.

That moment was the start of something never-ending.