A lot of things change when you realize you’re in love.  The way you live changes, the way you express yourself changes, and the way you think is completely new.  All of the sudden all the things you do revolve around this mindset of sweeping her off her feet, showing her every way that you know how to that you’re thinking of her.  Anything you can do to steal her heart.

I do what I can to steal her heart.

For if I do, what follows is the best part.

So I make sure every day to compliment her.

I want to give her every reason to be sure.

I’ll buy her nice things and bring her flowers.

Do what I can so her confidence in me towers.

I’ll do these things even though they don’t matter.

Then I’ll tell her the truth, to make her worries shatter.

Showering her with all the beautiful things I can say.

Showing her that I really mean it, every step of the way.

Stealing a kiss from her whenever I can.

Losing myself in her eyes, and holding her hand.

I’ll steal her heart every chance I get.

That’s all I’ve wanted from the moment we met.