When I dream, I dream of all the things that could go right, all the possibilities of happiness that can come on any given day.  I dream hopeful dreams, and in a moment when those dreams become an unfathomable reality, life will be perfect.

Just for a moment when I wouldn’t change a thing, when life mirrors dreams, that is how perfect moments come to be.

On the other hand though, they can also happen when everything goes wrong and you realize that so much failure can only be laughed at and appreciated for what it has given you.  A chance to laugh at yourself is always perfect.

It’s the perfect day, the sun is bright.

The water glimmers under the sunlight.

The air is fresh, the sky is clear.

Sounds of nature are everywhere near.

The late fall air is cool, so you stay close.

Smiling and holding that single red rose.

We hold hands as we walk along the shore.

With every step we take, I just want more.

More time, more moments, more perfect days.

My heart imagines the chances and all the ways.

The moments to come, too perfect to last.

Those perfect moments, come and go too fast.

So I cherish this perfect day, this perfect moment.

And hope that more of these, to us will be sent.