Waiting is the most difficult thing sometimes.  It’s so hard when you know you just want to spend time with someone, when you want to learn about them every chance you can, and when you know how good you feel when you are with them.  It’s nerve-racking, waiting anxiously for your next opportunity to show her who you are.

All you can hope for is in the end it was worth the wait, because so far every minute waited has been worth it.

Any day waited, is a day to many.

For a moment with you, I would gladly take any.

Any minute, any second, any minute moment.

To see you, to hold you, always my intent.

The days pass quickly, but since I held you seems too long.

Every moment apart these feelings grow ever strong.

I wait and I wait, for you again to be near.

Anxiously, I hope for that moment to be here.

The next day that I hold you I won’t let go.

What I would give to make it so.

To hold you forever, to never wait again.

To have you in my arms, for all life’s span.

To have you near me, to hold you there.

For all time, or every moment you could spare.