Usually I wait a few days to post what I write.  It’s that just in case measure so I don’t post something that I don’t like.  Tonight though, I am posting out of a raw feeling that I’m having, hoping to reach the right audience.  Although I have no idea if that audience reads my work or not.  Hope for me as I write for you.

I already tripped, but I’m not ready to land.

So please won’t you reach out your hand.

It takes only one to fall, but two to fly.

This one wing won’t hold me, no matter how I try.

Take my hand, let’s chase our star.

Where we will get, who knows how far.

We might be left heads spinning around.

But we have to try to get off the ground.

Catch me now, before I finish this fall.

I’d rather try with you, then lose it all.

Just take my hand and we’ll give it a go.

If we don’t then we’ll never know.

Take my hand, and we’ll fall together.

Hope is strong, we’ll float like a feather.