Some days it’s refreshing looking back on an emotion, or just thinking about one.  Today isn’t one of those days yet.  Who knows where it will go though.

By the end of the day I may feel captivated once more.  It may take more time than that, it might even take the rest of my life, but what it feels like when I am is worth any wait.

I’m falling so hard I’m afraid to land.

So weak in the knees, it’s hard to stand.

My world hangs on her every word.

Feeling this way seems so absurd.

I’m under some spell looking into her eyes.

Her power over me, impossible to disguise.

My every move is made for her.

How did this ever come to occur?

I’m captivated by the mere thought of her smile.

So lost to her, there is no denial.

My mind so focused on only her.

As if all other things never were.

I’ve fallen so hard under her captivating spell.

Before she tried, I already fell.