I’ve learned the downside to writing about my feelings this week.  Sometimes when I write what I feel one day and look at it a few days later it hurts.  Today will be one of those days for me.

I know exactly where my head was at when I wrote this and other things I’ve written recently, really it’s still there, but not quite the same.

You make me comfortable, but at the same time nervous.

So I tremble like a leaf, when it’s just the two of us.

I speak from my heart, and worry about every reaction.

But that could never prevent me from taking action.

You are too beautiful to believe, right here in front of me.

It’s difficult to conceive, but I know what I see.

I behold the image of dreams, here in reality.

And I would not hesitate to give you my loyalty.

You seem to be a dream, and I’m afraid of the pinch.

Too caught up in you, it wouldn’t make me even flinch.

I am still caught up in hoping you’re real.

Not just a dream it’s your heart that I’ll steal.

You have caught me completely off guard.

But falling for you isn’t remotely hard.