This is the second in my catch up process.  The morning after I wrote Trying To Play It Cool, I woke up feeling this way.  I spent my day floating.  I was on cloud nine.

Something about you just seems so magic.

That I’ve lived without you, seems so tragic.

I awoke before you not knowing this bliss.

Never fell asleep with the taste of your kiss.

Lost are all those nights without you in my dreams.

Found is the love that from me now teems.

Now I awake hoping for more time with you.

Falling asleep to a memory of eyes so blue.

Soon I won’t just picture you in my mind.

It won’t be long and I’ll wake up to find.

You in my arms with dawns first light.

Knowing I’ll hold you again that night.

Holding you close both night and day.

Knowing in my heart, there you’ll always stay.


A morning after this I was starting to feel very different.  Lost, anxious, worried, scared, all for no reason I could pinpoint.  That led to me posting hastily a poem I wrote that evening, Take My Hand.  Not long after that, I felt so much relief I couldn’t put it into words…