Today for me is about catching up.  Catching up from where I still want to be to where I am today.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve experienced a range of emotions that I had previously started to think were speculative ideals of something that most people don’t experience.

Over the course of the next few days I will be posting a few extra times to get caught up to current emotions and I hope you all join me for the journey.  Here’s where I was just a few short days ago.

I’m a nervous wreck, but she’ll never know.

I keep my exterior steady, just so.

Inside, I’m a mess, torn and tattered.

I hide so well, that she has my mind scattered.

Anxiously, with her, I’m always stealing glances.

Hoping beyond hope, that I’ll find my chances.

I can’t tell if she notices, maybe I hide it well.

But with her sometimes I just can’t tell.

I want to hold her and kiss her every minute.

I play it cool, on my emotions I sit.

Under this exterior, I’m an excitable child.

But I try to pretend she’s not driving me wild.

When my moment comes, I go for a kiss.

Her soft, sweet lips pull me deeper into this.