… That sensation of relief, so unfortunately, was short-lived.  From it, hurt like I had never felt before.  Such a strange feeling after such a short time knowing someone, like being able to fly, but having your feet nailed to the ground.

For the record I wrote this as a fictional account of how I felt. However, like all good fiction, there’s an element of truth.

He fell down to his knees.

Said, I love you, can’t you see.

She just looked down with a smile.

Said, of that there’s no denial.

Then she walked right out the door.

Left him wishing there was more.

As he watched her tail lights fade.

He was suddenly afraid.

There was nothing he could do.

But hope that bottle’d pull him through.

So that whiskey he did pour.

Eyes stayed planted on the door.

He hoped that she’d come back.

Before his world went to black.

But night called, and whiskey burned.

For the love that had been spurned.

As he drank her memory grew.

And even drunk he still knew.

A feeling felt so stark.

Without her, his world went dark.