The mental toll of falling for someone too quickly is high.  It costs you sleep and time, and if they don’t fall for you too it weighs heavier in your mind still.

Her eyes, her smile, still there in my head.

Keeping me awake, when I should be abed.

The slightest thought of her quickens my heart.

If things stay like this, I’ll fall apart.

This whole situation has me feeling weird.

I’ve found a phobia, I never before feared.

Stuck in limbo, not sure what to do next.

Where I stand now, has me vexed.

It seems just a moment ago I had this mapped out.

I knew exactly what I was going about.

Now I’m confused by it all.

How did I come so far from my fall?

My head must have been struck, with what is lost.

It seems once again my luck has a high cost.