We all have our hard days for various reasons.  Sometimes we just need them, sometimes we just have really bad days, but they’re a part of living that we can’t go without.  Without those hard days we wouldn’t appreciate the good days the way that we do.

Sometimes the hardest days are the ones we don’t realize are hard until we’re half way through a second bottle of wine and half a dozen shots of bourbon.  Then you realize you’re having a bad day and things get really nasty.  The next morning it hits you how good your friends are to deal with you like that too.

I haven’t been feeling very poetic as of late, but I’ll leave you with this today:

Life hits hard, sometimes too hard, its hardest shot always catches you of guard.

You can’t let it knock you down, get back up and stand your ground.

For you can get through the hardest days, as long as you fight, hope stays.