A few lonely days goes a long way after your world gets flipped upside down.  Thinking about what happened, what went wrong, why it felt so right.  All the little things that left you feeling this way.

It’s enough to drive a strong man crazy, and enough to drive a hopeless romantic to question how believable the reality is of finding love.

Alone I sit in the dark of night.

Curtains drawn, to block out the light.

Silent but for the memories that spin.

The world around me, still closes in.

Tears flow gently down my face.

The only thing I feel in this place.

Numb to the world otherwise,

What I’ve felt could only be lies.

I let the dark close in around.

Letting these tears fall to the ground.

Alone they fall in a room of black.

To a sweeter reality, I can’t go back.

Nothing has hit me so depressingly stark.

As these tears shed in the dark.