It’s hard to know when you’re making a mistake.  Overreacting, under-reacting, not thinking, not acting, or letting your emotions get the better of you, all of them happen in an instant and change everything in that moment.

An instant can change your life forever, and that’s important to remember, because in an instant you can change your life for the better.  It just starts with one choice.

In an instant, I lost control.

In that moment, I became a fool.

Chasing a dream, I left a hole,

Instead of remembering an important rule.

For an instant, I forgot to think.

Reason with my head over my lover’s heart.

Then what my heart chased, was gone in a blink,

As if it was never there from the start.

That very instant, I felt regret.

What could have been, just walked away.

Too goo to be true, when we met.

What I’d trade to go back to that day.

A memory that won’t likely relent.

All it is, in just an instant.