Well, where to begin?  It was brought to my attention recently that I write some pretty deep mushy gushy stuff.  I guess I’ve probably worn writing about the whole love thing a little thin anyway, especially since I said on here months ago, that I try not to deal in absolutes, and love is an absolute concept.  Besides, if I can’t say with absolute certainty that I’ve felt it, how can I write about it truthfully, right?

So, today I’m veering away from it, that way I don’t frighten my friends and followers into believing I’m a love drunk nutcase.

One thing I know I’ve felt is happiness.  A fantastic sensation if I do say so myself!  With some effort, the plan over the next while will be to express happiness and capture the moments that cause it to come about, and I’ll try not to get all romantic about it.

Happiness is just as it seems,

Over the horizon it often gleams.

We draw near it, but it often gets away,

All a part of life’s game we play.

We can seize it, or find it in something,

Or we can have it, and see it in everything.

It may not always be right there,

But it can be glimpsed momentarily in another’s stare.

Those moments we find it can last eternally,

Or force us to seek it out infernally.

For happiness has an element to desire,

And is a marvelous source to inspire.

Each moment of it, worth a lifetime.

A life without it, a heinous crime.