Finding a reason to smile when things aren’t going well for you, it’s not easy, but it’s needed.  That first smile, first giggle, or first laugh, can change your attitude about where you are at, and set you down the right path to the next step in life.

Everyone has a few things that will bring out a smile for them.  Whether it be something simple or something complex, if it needs to be done to make you happy, sometimes you just need to do it and smile.

A smile crosses my face,

When something makes my heart race.

Like driving too fast,

Watching the world fly past.

A smile crosses my face,

When I find the right place.

Seeing a breathtaking view,

Taking in nature from somewhere new.

A smile crosses my face,

When I get enough space.

Alone, figuring life out,

Learning what it’s all about.

A smile crosses my face now and again,

Thinking of what I’ve had now and then.