From the natural beauty of the world around us to a comical look at the everyday realities of life, things that bring out a smile or a laugh are all around us.  Wherever you can find them, it is important in life to find those things that make you smile.

Whether they are simple or not, that they bring out a smile for you is most important.  Hang on to the memories that make you laugh and do the things that make you feel good, because when you need to feel better more than anything, you’ll know what to do or what to think of.

A good funny joke,

A nice warm soak,

Going for broke,

Or a comforting stroke.

A breathtaking sunrise,

Staring into loving eyes,

Being under clear skies,

Or winning a long-sought prize.

A perfect moment,

Getting a thoughtful present,

Receiving a surprise sent,

Or getting a nice compliment.

Every thing that brings a smile.

Remember them, for all life’s trial.