Often when we’re unhappy it is because we are consuming ourselves with thoughts of things that are bringing us down.  Asking what ifs, and regretting decisions.  To get away from that downward spiral, and find happiness again, we have to focus our minds on something else, something new.

I’ve found over the last few years especially, the best way to do that is occupying myself with busy work.  Doing things that I can be proud of the results, but are more or less just menial tasks.

A task that brings pleasure,

Always a good measure,

To bring you out of that low spot,

And remind you what you’ve got.

A good bit of effort,

To help your life to sort.

Organizing your surroundings and mind,

Who knows what happiness you’ll find?

Concentrating on what you’re doing,

Instead of what your mind’s pursuing.

Keeping focus on what’s ahead,

And putting what’s past to bed.

Find the task that distracts from thought,

There you’ll find the happiness you sought.