It just takes a few seconds to calm down, breathe and refocus.  In those few seconds, when you take the time to block everything else out, you have this opportunity to be at peace for just a moment.

A moment where you have nothing to think about but whatever you want to think about, a moment where you have nothing to listen to but whatever you’re saying in your heart and mind.  Those moments give you the opportunity for a tranquil retreat from the disaster of life that goes on all around you every day.

A moment of silence,

In a world so tense.

Time without noise,

To listen to your inner voice.

A moment of quiet,

A break from the riot.

Time to focus on what matters,

Where the chaos of life scatters.

A moment of calmness,

To pause from the mess.

Time with no distraction,

To garner a different reaction.

A moment of peace amidst life’s commotion,

Enough time to bring forth happy emotion.