The effect of a smile is so intriguing.  Like a yawn they seem to be contagious, especially at this time of year.  I’ve noticed lately the more I smile at people the more I get a smile back, the more friendly responses I get, and the more positivity people radiate out into the world.

I’m liking this little quirk in humanity, and how a little smile can go a long way to making everyone’s day.

As long as I wear this smile,

There’s always a friendly face.

No matter when I smile,

No matter where the place.

When you always present a grin,

Friendly faces always smile back.

It’s a unique little win,

To see, of happiness, there’s no lack.

So I smile no matter where I go,

To brighten any strangers day.

I smile to let the world know,

I’ll bring some joy their way.

Let all the friendly faces see,

They’ll always get a smile from me.