When you need a little help, it’s always a pleasant surprise when you get it, especially when it’s from an unexpected source.  Like when you get stuck in the snow and a passerby stops to help push you out.

For me that happens from time to time, since I drive a lot.  Lately it’s happened a few times, so I thought I’d pay tribute to all those helping hands out there.

Sometimes you need some helping hands,

To get out from where you’re stuck.

For even with the best laid plans,

You could use a little luck.

An extra pair to help you out,

To push you when you need it.

Some helping hands to come about,

And add that extra bit.

Those helping hands may come from nowhere,

Or be from someone you know.

But rest assured, they’ll always be there,

Wherever it is you go.

Never be afraid to lend a hand, no matter what you’ve planned.

For one day you’ll be where they stand, and need a helping hand.