Every year when the family is home for the holidays is an overwhelming mess for my mother.  We all show up, settle into our old bedrooms, and head straight to the liquor cabinet to pour some holiday cheer.  Usually by mid-afternoon Christmas Eve we’ve drank our way to acting like four teenage boys that never grew up.

This year was a little different of course, they all are now that my older brother is a real grown up with a few boys of his own.  This year we kept it pretty tame, and that meant remembering all the ridiculous things we get asked or that get said over the holidays.

The one thing that always sticks out, is always repeated every year and I’m sure my mother is sick of asking, but that’s how it works when two of the remaining three of us seem to be content to be single, leaving my mom overwhelmingly outnumbered by males.

I suppose it’s pretty bad that we can notice that my mother wants us to have someone we can spend the holidays with more than we do.

After the long drive,

Everyone’s finally here.

Good to be alive,

To enjoy this time of year.

With the family all together,

And the boys misbehaving.

Only mom knows whether,

Her will not to drink, will be caving.

Outnumbered as always,

By the boys of the clan.

Mom always says,

“Any girls in the plan?”

We all laugh, and raise another drink.

“With boys like us mom, what do you think?”